Mary Kline-Misol: Botanicals

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Sunflower 2011

Autumnal Hosta

17 Lilies

39 Poppies

Autumnal Sunflower

Autumnal Zinnia

Bending Thistle

Cardinals Among the Hickory Blossom

Drying Sunflower

Drying Sunflower and Two Redbirds



Hummingbird 2

Winter Nuthatch

The Last Winter

HummingBirds and Poppies

Iris 5

Late October

Late Spring Garden

Late Summer Hollyhock

Late Summer Sunflower


Magnolia 2

Magnolia 3

Magnolia 22

Midsummer Finch

Open Poppies


Red Lily

September Cardinal

Single Gladiola

Spring Doves

The Secret Language of Birds

Thistle Lily Finch

Hanging Blossoms

Tulips and Rocks

The Secret Language of Birds 2

Winter Blackbirds

Bloodroot in the Shadows


Turf 5

Turf 6

Turf 7

Turf 11

Deep Woods


Toads 2

Toads 3

Toads 4

Toads 5

Waterlily 3

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